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Premier Yarns Anti-Pilling Everyday DK Colors Dusty Rose

Premier Yarns Anti-Pilling Everyday DK Colors Dusty Rose

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Soft and versatile, this machine wash and dry anti-pilling yarn is perfect for every project. 100% Anti-Pilling Acrylic, DK weight, 273 yards. Machine wash warm, tumble dry normal.

What is anti-pilling acrylic?

Acrylic fiber is widely used for textiles of all kinds, yarn included. It is strong, lightweight, warm, soft and resilient, making it a favored yarn choice.

But acrylic tends to firm pills, those hard little balls of tangled fibers on the surface of a fabric, making items look worn way too soon. 

Anti-pilling acrylic is a Pilbloc fiber preparation available exclusively in the US through Premier Yarns. The fiber is specially formulated to resist pilling over time. If and when pills do form they are removed through the simple process of machine washing your project. No picking, no shaving - just toss in the wash! That project will come out of the laundry looking fresh and new, time after time.

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