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Chain Row Counter

Row Counter Chain for Knit or Crochet, with Round Simulated Abalone Shell Bead

Row Counter Chain for Knit or Crochet, with Round Simulated Abalone Shell Bead

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An indispensable tool and simple way to keep track of your rows on either knitting or crocheting projects. It can be used to keep track of your rows, pattern repeats, or any part that requires counting. Helping you to never have to stop and count stitches or frog back to a missed row. On a knitting project, it can double as a stitch marker, or mark the beginning of a round! Since they attach to your project, they are always ready and available.  

These are lightweight and will not add noticeable weight to your knitting project, nor pull stitches loose on your crocheting project. Each chain row counter is approximately 9 1/2" long without the end weight bead/charm or the lobster clasp beginning.

This is a 12mm ring, chain row counter. Lobster claw with white bead with black and red splashes of color to mark your 10s place. End weight bead is a round simulated abalone shell bead. 

The 9mm ring chain counter fits up to a size 10.5 knitting needle. The 12mm ring chain counter fits up to a size 11 knitting needle. The lobster clasp at the beginning of the counter (if included or requested) works for crochet, but will also fit up to a size 4 knitting needle.

How to use for knitting: Place one ring of the row counter on your needles as you would a stitch marker. As you get to the counter on each row, move it to the next number on the chain. Use the lobster clasp bead to mark your 10s place, enabling the chain counter to be used to count to 100 rows. 

How to use for crocheting: Use the large lobster clasp at the beginning of the row counter to attach it to a completed loop or stitch on the project. As you complete a row, move the smaller lobster clasp bead to the next number. To mark the 10s place, use the large lobster clasp attaching the chain counter to your project to mark the 10s place. 

If you would like a large lobster clasp added to the start of the chain, or wish to have any of the lobster clasps switched to the bulb safety pin type, leave a message in the checkout. There is no additional cost to you!

The chain row counter shown will be the one sent to you. There may be small differences in color due to monitor differences. 

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